Gui Zhou Tour of Lei Gong Mountain International 100km Ultra Trail Challenge 2015, Day 1 Kaili

mmexport1447508366982The Gui Zhou Tour of Lei Gong Mountain International 100km Ultra Trail Challenge 2015 would be my first multi-stage race covering over 105km in the stunning Lei Gong mountain area of the Qiandongnan Miao and Dong Autonomous Prefecture in south-eastern Guizhou province. This would consist of two marathons and a half-marathon road race over three consecutive days from the 13th to 15th of November.

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Shanghai International Marathon 2015 – running against the wall and Boston qualifying

DSC_0525Sunday the 8th of November would mark the 20th anniversary of the Shanghai International marathon. This would be my 8th race at this distance and another attempt at a Boston marathon qualifying time of 3 hours 15 minutes. I’d been training hard all during the hot summer and stepped up to running virtually every day in the autumn. So, despite a disastrous Leicester marathon two weeks prior, where I seriously fell apart around the 35th kilometer, I still had the BQ time on my mind.

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3a. Gran Carrera Atlética “Día de las Madres”


Sunday 11th of May 2014, the third Gran Carrera Atlética del dia de las Madres, the Oaxaca mothers day race. This would be my last race as a resident in Mexico and a tough run to finish in second place over the seven and a half kilometers. My most competitive race in Mexico to date and my best overall placing. Despite running (officially) unregistered and without a number, this was a great occasion and a fantastic day out in the Oaxacan sunshine.
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Lost in Thailand Part 1: Warming up

IMG_3218Thailand, the land of Buddhist monks, bar-streets and kick boxing. Also a perfect holiday destination. Whether you’re there to look at the pretty ladies, to walk on the sandy beaches or visit ancient temples, you’ll find Thailand has just about everything for everyone. Me, I had two weeks off for Chinese new year and wanted to enjoy the fresh air and run in some exotic places. Bangkok, Ayutthaya, Sukhothai, back to Bangkok for the Don Bosco 10k and then onto Hua Hin and the beach for some rest and recuperation.

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Yangcheng Lake Run

10406632_10203892764231405_5032024829417418761_nYangcheng hu is a large freshwater lake located to the north of Suzhou famous for its delicious hairy crab. On the 13st of September 2014 the lake hosted the second annual Yangcheng Lake run. This would be my first race in China covering 10k, getting lost to cover a few extra twists and turns (about 1k worth), before a surprising finish in first place.

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Carrera Atlética “Andrés Espinoza Pérez” 5K

603627_10202867933971289_2600081604895271988_nThis week’s post looks back to 27th April 2014 and the inaugural Carrera Atlética “Andrés Espinoza Pérez” 5K in the center of Oaxaca. This was a classic case of crowd weaving almost right until the end of the race with most of the runners waiting in front of the start line at the beginning of the race. So a crawl out of the traps at kilometer one with each subsequent kilometer a bit less crowded and a bit faster.  600 runners registered for the race and I think I passed around 500 of them.

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Medals and Trophies: Part 1

IMG_9625A medal can make a nice souvenir at the end of a race. It’s something to remember the day by. A tangible reminder of the effort you make to get across the line. Something you can hang around your neck on the day of the race and put up on the mantle-piece to show off to your friends and family. Medals can also be a bit heavy, and when faced with a move halfway across the world from Mexico to China I had to make a difficult decision. To take the medals or leave them, and I just had too many to take them all. But I couldn’t leave them without some sort of record. So, here are some of the photos I took of my medals  before leaving for China.

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